What People Are Saying

We conduct participant surveys with each workshop both to gather valuable feedback for improvement and to solicit ideas and preferences.  Our surveys have ranked our workshops consistently very high, indicating a very satisfying experience. Here, we share some feedback gathered from the last few years’ surveys.

“One of the very best chamber music workshops you will find.” — Jim R., Bassoon

“The workshop was a lovely break from daily life, in a beautiful setting. I appreciate the collegial, non-competitive atmosphere. People were willing to work hard and prepare the music well.” — L.v.S., Viola

“These workshops are such terrific experiences that I have recruited my friends to attend.” — Jane R., Oboe

“What a great gathering of dedicated amateur musicians. Great coaches and great schedule. I loved playing interesting music for 6 straight days.” — Pat Y., Keyboard

“The workshop really inspired me and pushed me to a more confident level of chamber music playing!” — Patricia G., Violin

“It’s a powerful experience to be in the company of so many other enthusiastic kindred spirits with the goal of having fun and making music together. What a blast!”  — Henry J., Clarinet

“I enjoyed the whole week and it was well worth travelling from Australia to meet friendly musicians and inspiring coaches, and play chamber music in a country I’ve never visited before. Kammermusik was the perfect focus for a holiday trip and I’d do it all again without hesitation. Oxford 2018 is in my diary.” — Diana B., Clarinet

“Participation in Kammermusik over about 10 years has raised my level of playing to a very high level, with excellent coaching, opportunity to perfect ensemble playing, and positive peer support from other players. I have been told my playing has improved immensely in the orchestras in which I play at home.” — Anna H., Oboe

“The coaching at KMW is wonderful: I have to say that the real treasure, for me, is the opportunity to learn from the points of view of my fellow Kammermusik Workshoppers. Thank you!” — Joel S., Horn

“My first Kammermusik workshop was a very worthwhile and memorable experience. It was everything I hoped for and more. I feel that I grew musically and especially enjoyed meeting so many new friends from all walks of life who share the common bond of music. I’ll be back next year”

“I really enjoyed my learning experience playing with the Kammermusik workshop orchestra on the Schubert Symphony No. 4. We all worked hard to make the performance the best possible, and learned much in the process. Tom O’Connor is a wonderful coach.” — John M., Bassoon

“Superb coaching. Strong players and a very congenial, friendly atmosphere. Meals delicious. Surroundings of great natural beauty to accompany the love of music making”

“Great coaches, great participants, and a great experience!” — D.O., Clarinet

“Great opportunity to learn and grow musically. Wonderful location, and love our wonderful staff and attendees. Loved the coaches, they are so supportive and positive – and diplomatic!”

“My week at Kammermusik was again – for the second straight year – the quickest week of the year!”

“Kammermusik Workshops stands out as being an excellent experience for amateur musicians. The volunteers who organize the workshop work hard to provide the best experience possible. The quality of the coaches is excellent. The musicians are there to enjoy themselves and make the best music possible. The atmosphere is completely non-competitive and friendly. The coaches were ALL great human beings!! (Of course, also great musicians) — Judy M., Flute

“Loved the camp atmosphere and the camaraderie that developed quickly. Coaching was excellent (couldn’t be better!). I got A LOT from all of the coaches.”

“Making music with such an enthusiastic group of people is incredibly satisfying – I know I have to come back”

“What an exhilarating escape into music! The coaching is superb and the camaraderie unbeatable. The whole experience left me invigorated and enthusiastic to apply all I had gleaned in the workshop to the other areas in which I’m playing (baroque). Thank you ALL!” — Carolyn M., Oboe

“The coaching and private lessons were invaluable – made the whole week well worth it”

“The food, coaching, music, camaraderie were very fulfilling”

“I very much appreciated the opportunity to take this workshop with a scholarship and accommodation for the schedule I had. I learned so much and had a great time. It was a good environment for learning without too much stress and emphasis on perfection. The food was great!! The environment lovely. The instructors very skilled and easy to work with. [You] created a friendly environment. Well worth the time and effort. Thank you so much.” — K.C., Cello

“Kammermusik events are the highlight of my musical experiences during the year. I look forward to the opportunity to playing chamber music with great performers, coached by awesome professionals in excellent venues.” — Jane R., Oboe

“Great coaches, great food and great campus – great job, organisers!”

“Wonderfully well-organised”

“I love to come to Kammermusik because it gives me the opportunity to play great music under the guidance of professional musicians and with very good players. This is an opportunity that is not available to me in the small town where I live which makes the workshop a blessing and a joy.” J.M.M., Bassoon

“Some of the friendliest chamber music players that I have ever associated with”

“This far exceeded my expectations. My horn playing improved so much in such a short time. My life improved, too. (And I started out at a pretty good place!)”

“As a participant in previous workshops on oboe, English horn, and bassoon, I give kudos to the Kammermusik staff for their planning and music choices. I enjoyed each of the coaches with whom I worked, and I highly recommend these workshops to anyone who enjoys ensemble playing. The skill levels of attendees continues to grow with the addition of strings players. This workshop makes me work HARD throughout the schedule, but the players in my groups make that so worthwhile…There is nothing like this in Texas!” — Donna B., Oboe/Bassoon

“Wonderful camp. Great people. Great organization. Great place – hate to leave!”

“I enjoyed the winter 2016 workshop very much. It was organized well and ran smoothly. The music was enjoyable but also challenging. The coaching was excellent and I learn something each time I attend. The IHM is a beautiful setting, very comfortable and the food is outstanding! I came home with good memories of an enriching musical experience and great times with old and new friends. — Susan P., Horn

“The entire experience was remarkable, and the complete package and pricing were one of the best values I have ever had for anything!!”

“A great spot, top notch coaches, wonderful opportunity to make music.”

“As always, very well-organized and coordinated. I love this workshop! I’m not sure what made me choose it the first time around, but as long as I can afford it, I want to come back. The coaches are superb, the surroundings beautiful and uplifting.”

“The only bad part about the whole experience is having to say good bye when the workshop ends. I can’t think of any place I’d rather be than at a Kammermusik workshop. It’s like the ultimate family reunion.” — Carol V., Horn

“As a coach, I love this camp! Nothing is more moving as an experience for me in the summer – thanks again.”

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